The Non -Refundable Social Grant Support (NRSGS) is an economic aid from a diverse group of multi-generational donors committed to advancing the well-being of US citizens by providing financial assistance to recipients.

About Our Grants:
To date, almost $5,000,000 in grant funds has been distributed to a wide range of deserving individuals. Grants are awarded through an application and evaluation process overseen by an agent ,with the final selection determined by NRSGS committee .Grant ranges between ($40,000 to $100,000.)

What we fund:
These grant funds can be used for any purpose determined by the grantee. We believe that general operating support funds will help to support the grantee sustainability growth and impact. Our process may include emails, phone conversations and short messages.
Eligibility /Terms and Conditions:
1. Grant is available to anyone 18 years of age or older.
2. Grantee must be resident in United States of America.
3. Non Refundable Social Grant Support is an annual grant support.
4. Organizations, Groups are not eligible for this grant
5. You may use funds provided under this Agreement ("Grant Funds") for any purpose of choice. You may use Grant Funds to reimburse any expenses You incurred prior to receiving grant. You will Not repay any portion of this Grant Funds.

At the request, during evaluation of application before approval You will be required to pay a specified non- refundable 'technical fee' depending on the category of Grant You applied for, this is because NRSGS deploys the services of a third party Agent to review and evaluate grant applications.

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ABOUT MAGEWe have had the pleasure of supporting many individuals throughout the years. Knowing that we can make a difference in people's lives, changing their stories one after the other is why we do what we do



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